Monday, 12 March 2018

What to expect from a baby's first cold

A newborn baby starts building its immune system early on. But before this early immunity is fully developed,baby may be prone to catching and having to fight off viruses such as colds.

Colds are less common in newborns because they have some immunity from their mothers. This immunity wears off by about 6 months, and then colds become more common.
A newborn with a cold can be scary for a parent or carer to watch. But these illnesses are vital to help the baby's body learn to fight the viruses that cause the common cold.Children will usually have numerous colds before their first birthday. There are some other symptoms to look out for to be sure it is a cold, and there will be times when a doctor should be seen. Treating a newborn's cold requires especially gentle care but is often not a serious issue.
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