Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Patch Testing in Children

Patch testing is a useful investigation in children and has been gaining in recognition as a useful diagnostic tool & is found to be useful in the management of children suspected of having an allergic contact dermatitis. It may also improve the prognosis in children with a relevant Contact Allergen
Various studies had demonstrated that the commercially available patch test devices are safe in the pediatric population and patch testing can be performed in children older than 12 years in the same manner as in adults. Allergic Contact Dermatitis used to be considered as a rare problem in children is actually a significant problem worldwide and is an important diagnostic consideration in children with chronic refractory dermatitis.

Recent Studies had found that Aluminum Patch Test leads to atypical skin reactions in some children. Aluminium used as an adjuvant in vaccines and allergen immunotherapy enhances a specific and longer-lasting immune response, although the exact mechanism remains a target of research and there is increasing awareness of reactions to vaccination that include persistent skin reactions. When children with frequent positive patch tests to aluminium are tested, they are found with persistent itching nodules related to aluminium-adsorbed vaccines and the Contact Allergy to aluminium has been reported more frequently in recent years. Children with itchy reactions to aluminium-adsorbed vaccines will have positive patch test results for aluminium contact allergies.

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