Monday, 18 June 2018

Association between Cesarean Delivery and Childhood Obesity

Cesarean delivery rates remain high and variable across hospitals, regions and countries & it may be a risk factor for childhood obesity, possibly because delivery route can influence the intestinal microbiomes, which may influence energy regulation. Cesarean delivery may increase the risk of obesity in early childhood. Researchers had found that mothers who gave birth by cesarean delivery had a higher mean prepregnancy body mass index, greater mean gestational weight gain, and shorter mean duration of exclusive breastfeeding compared with those who delivered vaginally. The proportion of obese children was greater in the cesarean delivery group compared with the vaginal delivery group at age 2 years, but not at older ages.

The increase rates of cesarean section occurred at the same period as the dramatic increase of childhood overweight/ obesity. The association between CS and overweight/ obesity in preschool children are influenced by potential cofounders. Both children delivered by elective or non-elective CS are at increased risk of overweight/ obesity.
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